Staying Well in Busy Times

I haven’t posted anything to the blog in a week. Last week was a total doozy. I just started a new job. It was supposed to be two days a week, and I was looking at it as a way of gradually getting back to work. I have already been asked to take on four days though. I am very happy about this as I’m very excited about this job and it’s great to be back to earning a good salary, but starting tomorrow I will not have nearly the time to work on myself that I have enjoyed over the past three months.
I had intended to use my last two day work week to get organised and ready to start really working again, but after lunch on Tuesday I started feeling horribly achy and sweaty. By Wednesday I had come down with a terrible bout of the flu. I had already booked into the recording studio to do a podcast with a friend so I pushed through and kept my commitment, but that meant paying the price by spending all of Thursday and Friday in bed. So here I am on Sunday afternoon with not much of anything organised and a little worry that all of my good habits are going to fall apart.
The things I am most hoping to keep up even though I am working again are:

  • Posting regularly to this blog
  • Working daily on my novel
  • Daily yoga and meditation practice
  • Eating balanced and nutritious meals
  • Reading

I’ve picked these things because I strongly believe they keep me well and balanced.

The Miracle Morning
One thing that really helped me out when I was working before was following the concept of The Miracle Morning. The simple idea behind this is that you get up an hour earlier than necessary and do a daily routine of self-care. Mine is not as involved as that laid out in the book (you can read more about it here), but so far I’ve found it to be helpful.
I start work at 8:30 and my commute is almost an hour so I wake up at 5 am and immediately jump into the workout outfit I’ve laid out the night before. Then I head downstairs and do 15 minutes of gentle yoga in the dark and quiet of the living room. I follow up with a quick 5 minute meditation and then make coffee and get the dog ready for his walk. We go for a 30 minute walk and then I make myself breakfast and get dressed before heading out to catch the 6:45 ferry. I practice free writing during the ferry ride and then read on the bus. I end up getting to work about 45 minutes early so I spend the rest of the time having a coffee and writing at the cafe nearby.

The Relaxed Evening
After work I’m much more tired so I tend to spend my commute home reflecting on the day and maybe doing a bit of reading. I’ve been trying to plan really simple protein and veg dinners for nights I’m working: steaks, chicken breasts, eggs on toast. Anything I can cook in under 20 minutes is the best. I need to make sure that I prep enough to have things to take for lunch as well so I don’t end up spending money eating out.

That’s the plan. It’s enough for me to just stick with this, but so far I’ve been managing it two days a week. This week will tell if it’s manageable four days a week as well.

What do you do to keep yourself well when you are busy?

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  1. Dora says:

    Oh, if you stick to your plan, it’s a victory over yourself. I often can not bring myself to get up early and take a run. And in the evening it makes me very upset.


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