Staying Well in Busy Times

I haven’t posted anything to the blog in a week. Last week was a total doozy. I just started a new job. It was supposed to be two days a week, and I was looking at it as a way of gradually getting back to work. I have already been asked to take on four…

Setting and Reflecting on Goals

Creating exciting and achievable small term goals can make all the difference for long term success, especially when the process includes reflection, celebration and re-evaluation.

Learning to Fall – Surviving a Lapse

Falls, or lapses, are part of life. Over time they may become less frequent, but they are the way we learn what our limits are, and when it’s ok to push them. Falling teaches us the confidence to get back up and try again, because the fall is rarely as bad as the threat of it seems.

Climbing the Hill

My husband and I live at the top of a very large hill. We chose the location for several reasons: it has a lovely view over the valley; it lies away from the flood risk area, which is increasing annually; and most importantly, it fell within our budget and was available! When we first moved…