Body Negativity

For as long as I can remember I have been ashamed of my body. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also outwardly railed against the dominant narrative of body hatred in our culture. I consider it atrocious that women (and men) are goaded into aspiring to false ideals. I’ve spent hundreds of hours pep-talking girlfriends who…

Sunday Black Box Challenge: Wasting Less

Last week I shared an example of my Sunday cooking ritual, which is essentially my way of using up the week’s leftover produce and other bits and bobs that won’t last much longer. I made chicken soup, parsley walnut pesto, stone fruit chutney, and broccoli squash biscuits as well as a stock pack for later….

Roasted Veggie Muffins for Breakfast (or Snacks)

Being the last day before my weekly big shop, Saturdays often involve some creativity in the kitchen. This morning I had intended to make a frittata with some of the roasted veggies I had in the fridge but then I realised I only had three eggs, and also no bread (I really need my toast!)….

The Home Stretch – Building a simple daily yoga practice

In January, as part of my new year overhaul, I decided to start practicing yoga. While I have tried yoga in the past, the pros of practice were always quickly outweighed by the cons and I’d quit as quickly as I’d started. My own personal list of yoga cons included: Being around too many ‘yogis’…

Thinking Differently: Leaving the past behind

In some of my lists of goals from my past there are casual mentions of connecting more with family and friends, or focusing on forwarding my career, or developing my creative interests, but without fail the true measure of success always seems to come back to an arbitrary ‘ideal’ number on the scale.

Sunday Black Box Challenge: Using up the week’s leftovers

I’d love to say I’m one of those Instagrammable ladies who strolls through farmer’s markets every couple of days buying only what I need, carrying it home in a woven bag with brown leather straps and using every last scrap to prepare a slew of virtuous and nutritious meals. Alas I’m not attractive enough to…

Setting and Reflecting on Goals

Creating exciting and achievable small term goals can make all the difference for long term success, especially when the process includes reflection, celebration and re-evaluation.

Learning to Fall – Surviving a Lapse

Falls, or lapses, are part of life. Over time they may become less frequent, but they are the way we learn what our limits are, and when it’s ok to push them. Falling teaches us the confidence to get back up and try again, because the fall is rarely as bad as the threat of it seems.

Breakfast for One: Zucchini and Feta Fritters

The fact that I typically eat breakfast alone doesn’t mean I’m going to just eat a bowl of cereal and call it a morning. Whenever possible I have a warm, cooked breakfast because it keeps me full until lunch. Sneaking in some protein and veggies doesn’t hurt either. I like cooking for one because it…

Moderation Issues

I’m so sick of dieting. And thinking about dieting. Seriously, I have spent the last 32 years worrying about my weight. I’m only 38 so that gives you an idea of how long this obsession has lasted. I was a fat child, a chubby adolescent, a rapidly fluctuating 20-something and a periodically obese 30 something…

Decluttering – Braving the Pantry

My mind has been a mess for the last year, it’s no surprise that my house is too. The problem is, a messy environment quickly feeds into the entropy of the mind. So, for the past month I have decided to put some effort into decluttering and organising. The thing is, I’m quite comforted by…